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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> that is john terret. join us later when we'll be live from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm lauren taylor, this is the newshour live from london. coming up. >> we believe in the european union that this is a responsibility that we all share. >> the eu's security chief asks the u.n. for help, stopping the smuggling of people to europe. thousands are found stranded at sea. the saudi led coalition steps up air strikes on houthis ahead of a ceasefire.
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the eu says more time and effort is needed, on the eve of a huge greek repayment. >> hello into the low courts rather than on the pitch we'll hear from our man lee wells in wellings in the spanish capital. >> the growing problem of people smuggling and trafficking which has become increasingly urgency for governments in europe and asia. first the european union has asked the u.n. for help to tackle migrant smuggling across the mediterranean. they're seeking a mandate for action to stop people smugglers greece and malta by sea huge increase on last year.
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addressing the u.n. security council the eu's foreign policy chief asked for help to dismantle smuggling groups frederica mogherini spoke. >> our message to all the european union is ready to support you to make sure, in the meantime, we need to work together in partnership europeans and libyans to fight trafficking and smuggleing organizations. the european union is ready to do its part. it is not always the case i know but now i believe we are ready to do it. >> sandy hook has more from the united nations in new york. >> policy chief frederica mogherini says the eu needs help
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to deal with the migration from africa, in particular, to go after the smuggling groups. the u.n. security council would need to approve a so-called chapter 7 resolution to authorize the european union to use force to board vessels in libyan waters and on the libyan coast in order to break up these smuggling networks and that is what's happening behind closed doors at the u.n. many issues still need to be worked out. one, will the libyan government come on board? there are two competing governments in the country right now. in the midst of political discussions on forming a unity government there are questions also about what the eu will do with the boats it seizes. there is talk of destroying them and that's something that russia has said it would oppose. so negotiations just getting underway here but a realization or an admission on the eu's part
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that they also need to address the root causes before they can get to this military operation. >> joined by a barrister who specializes in criminal law. how unusual is this approach on this particular issue? >> so far chapter 7 has been used in cases for example where there's a concept taking another to restore peace. i countries, in order to restore the problem we all have seen literally thousands of people suffering death in the mediterranean. the question arises, is there a suggestion the proposed resolution that the yuen wants to put through security council. i have seen suggestions about it and what has been talked about as i understand it from my sources, an attempt to find legal framework to seize the ships, the boats to then confiscate them.
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your question, you're going to say how is that going to be done? firstly if it is going to be done within libyan territory will the libyans authorize it and my understanding from what i've seen today the little time i've had to examine this, it's an infringement of their sovereignty, what i understand it. >> it's a security crisis as smuggling networks are linked to funding terrorist activities. is that if angle they're coming from use -- the angle they're coming from financing terrorist activity or something like that? >> from what i've read the main angle of the eu we want to save lives of the asylum seekers. the practical problems they're facing, in firstly africa but compounded what's happened in syria what this has done it has
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triggered a flood gate of asigh asylum seekers. which means that traffickers i've read the the traffickers have made $600 million a year. this is much more of a policing case, what we need to consider here is the aunited nations and the eu indeed support their countries to police their borders. i know it's difficult -- >> in the long run how likely is it that the u.n. will actually agree to what the eu is proposing or is this more like the eu looking like they're trying to explore every avenue and going to the eun in a way of u.n. in a way saying, we're taking this really seriously. >> libya as i said did not agree to allow such acts to take place
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within its territorial waters so the issue is very complicated and how do you then send troops oseize waters, ships that may belong to fishermen? it's quite a complicated area and i would say my suggestion would be we should use the criminal law processes in order to track down the traffickers and ensure that these traffickers do not profit from the criminal enterprise and find ways to for example offer asylum to the countries, to the european countries legitimately to make it easier for these persons to come to the countries legitimately. >> the eu has also proposed a quota scheme, under the plan eu member states would be required to share responsibility for taking in refugees. the plan is supported by germany but has been dismissed by the u.k. more details will be provided on
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wednesday by the european commission with eu commissioners set to discuss the situation at the end of june. >> many are sick and starving, the latest to be rescued from overcrowded boats off the coast of ache in indonesia but 6,000 more estimated to be stranded at sea with little food or water. in the past they used to escape by crossing overland through thailand but since thailand began a crack down migrant advocates say the mahinga have been trafficked to indonesia and malaysia. >> reporter: paid more than $2,000 to save her children's lives. she says she was desperate to escape myanmar after her ethnic rohinana relatives were
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trafficked. holding for ransom until her mother paid for their release. her eight-year-old son died before they could escape. >> my son was fine in the boat but fell sick in the jungle due to starvation. we drank sea water as there was no drinking water in the boat. >> amina and her two surviving children arrived two weeks ago. fleeing voyages and poverty in myanmar. this past week about 2,000 more were rescued off the indonesian and malasian coast hungry, exhausted and fighting after their ordeal. advocates are urging the governments to takegovernments to take action. >> let us come together. the process must be transparent. most of all this can only be
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solved if we cut corruption once and for all. >> thield which is the transit point for many traffickers is tightening security to try and stop aid. the malasian government says it is strengthening its borders but also cracking down on migrants themselves. governments are under pressure to respond to the rising influx of migrants. human trafficking experts say they are going to risk their lives. scott heidler has more. >> it really started about nine days ago when the thai government started to cramp down on these migrant smugglers. a few days before that a mass grave was found at the migrant
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camp containing hundreds of migrants. some of the times they stayed there for months. so the government is clamping down on that. we were down there in these jungles and saw firsthand what the government is trying to do as they have more military an police in these jungles. they've actually put bashed wire over a trafficking route between thailand and malaysia. 400 meters of bashed wire barbed wire there. they have over 50 arrest warrants out and reassigned police backed up what normally would have been channels going over the next several years. that has no doubt had an impact on the ships at sea bringing their human car dpoa go cargo ashore.
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>> the myanmar government do not recognize the rohinga as a distinct sect. they are not allowed to move across the country freely and three years ago things got worse for rohinga when voyages broke out, more than 140,000 people mainly with the rohinga were displaced. they had to move into camps still living in the camps more than three years later. the children are not allowed to go to school there entirely dependent on aid. many more are likely the get on
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boats to flee country. is it likely that the government's action he are about to change? not really. the temporary registration cards that many of the rohinga hold will expire. they can apply for residency but not guaranteed to get it. >> morocco has lost a fighter jet taking part in the conflict against yemen. not clear if the plain crashed or it was shot down. also not known if the pilot ejected. morocco contributed six fighter jets to the campaign against yemen. along the joint border saudi civil defense says two people were killed in the violence,
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last week eight people were killed by shells in the same area. and a new round of saudi led air strikes targeted houthi position he including an arms depo in the nakeem area, unsure whether the truce truce will be taking effect. mohamed val reports. >> the truce is only 24 hours away from this time when we speak. there are doubts now whether it will happen because on both sides, efforts are being increased to show that if any truce happens it will not be out of weakness on our side, it will not be out of because we are defeated but because we want to have a truce, but still as i said there are doubts, the houthis have managed once again inside saudi arabia, overnight they have been shelling the city of nisran, killed one person and
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injured four, they struck at the province of jizan to the southwest of the border between yemen and saudi arabia killing one saudi citizen and injuring four others. for the saudi arabians, this is a dangerous red line. whenever there is such a strike by the houthis in saudi arabia saudis intensify their attacks particularly in the problems of of sa saada targeting houthi commanders there. >> the king of saudi arabia and several other gulf figures have declined an invitation from barack obama to attend a summit in camp david this thursday. the u.s. president had invited king sal manfor talks the saudi
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arabia's foreign minister says the talks would conflict with the ceasefire in yemen. for more on the u.s. reaction on this, we are joined by patty culhane. how is this playing in the u.s. patty? >> well lauren, it is seen as a pretty purposeful snub to president obama. joked in the briefing just ended that snub will be the word of the day here. only the representatives from qatar and kuwait will be here. again it will saudi says it's been changed because of the humanitarian ceasefire in yemen but the u.s. is countering saying the right people to get the job done will be at the table.
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>> why is the gck so concerned? >> there is a broader concern that if the u.s. and iran and other countries come up with a nuclear deal, the u.s. relationship with iran could become such that they become the trusted state over the others. the iranian economy is going to grow and the iranian government will have more money to fund the militant groups that it funds in regional conflict. so what we know is the gcc countries wanted a couple of other things, they wanted a stronger defense or more defense weapons. that's what u.s. will run into problems. says that israel has to have the military edge in the region so they're obviously not very happy with the promises coming out of the white house. >> patty culhane at the white house.
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rival groups in central african republic agree to a deal. and nepal's devastating earthquake. and a lucky cyclist at the tour d'italia. later. mexico has suspended some infant vaccinations after two babies died after being innoculated for tuberculosis, roda virus and hepatitis b. adam rainey has more from mexico city. >> we're outside a clinic run by mexico's social insurance an insurance where most people get their health care from. officials have told us they have suspended giving the vaccine of that batch that some 51 children
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received vaccines from, two as you mentioned died another 29 are hospitalized, some still in serious condition. what they're saying is they're going to investigate that batch to see if it's the hepatitis c vaccine in particular that is the culprit for these issues. they can't confirm that it's hepatitis b but they are putting out a press release that they believe it is hepatitis b that is causing these issues. that's what they're saying now. agreement will end two years of fighting between muslims and claifnts theandchristians that they say have killed thousands of people. fighters found guilty of the worst crimes will be refused amnesty. >> the psychological scars on
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children is a lasting legacy of the conflict. they are half the population. fighting made orphans of these children and turned thousands more into soldiers. [applause] >> some of the rebels as well as politicians and religious leaders have agreed to draw a line under the violence. on paper. in reality, it will be impossible for some to forget the brutality of the last two years. on the face of it, the crisis in the central african republic pits muslims against christians. but the united nations says the root causes were poverty and government mismanagement. in that religion was a convenient excuse used by some sides in the fighting. seleca rebels who forced bazize from power are not all muslim.
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antibalica rebels are not all christian. now trying to encourage muslims and christians to interact peacefully again. community leaders are busy organizing interfaith prayers football matches and other events. yet animosity remains rife. spore addicssporadic killings still continue. it is a tall order. for a country barely hodding itself together. >> 30 soldiers have been killed in a an ambush the attack happened near the northern town of timbuktu. cantsd confirm numbers of killed. comes days before a u.n. backed peace deal was due to be signed.
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several european nations have suspended aid and elections in burundi, after weeks of protest, amidst president pierre nkurunziza's plans to run for reelection. u.n. is urge ugh the election to be delayed. greece bayout, more time needs to be given to repay $840 million on tuesday. the eu wants more answers before releasing $8 billion more to greece. demands include reducing pension funds. it's unclear how long greece can go without a deal including the $267 billion bailout which began
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in 2010 and expires at the end of june. jonah hull live in brussels. they are talking about some degree of progress. what do they mean by that? >> words like convergence divergence some degree lauren, more time is needed is what came, outcameout of this meeting. we've just come out of a press conference. followed by a conversation with yanis varoufakis. >> we welcomed in particular the intention of the greek authorities to accelerate the work with the institutions with a view to achieve a successful
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and timely conclusion of a review. >> the difference iss have been narrowing considerably. so when it comes to the fiscal plans for 2015 and beyond, there's been some convergence that we can now speak of differences that fall within the realm of fiscal error which is a good thing on privatization on npls, nonperforming loans on there's been significant convergence not total but significant convergence. >> the message is that progress is slowly being made but they're not there yet and time is running extremely short. the existing bailout package expires at the end of june. i think the key words there more time and effort needed to
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brick gaps, the gaps that were mentioned later in that press conference, labor reforms now the problem for the new government in greece is that those are austerity measures they promised the people of grease there would be no austerity measures but the problem is they desperately need this money. they've got to pay public salaries, they've got to pay pensions, they've got to pay enormous ploan repayments that loan repayments. compromise will have to be found and how will they explain that to the greek people? the issue that has already been raised is one of a referendum in which the greek people themselves will get to choose, either a deal with austerity or no austerity no deal, bankruptcy and an exit from the euro. >> you mentioned the yied that they don't want to make any
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austerity measures. where is the red line? is pension reform one thing they won't move on or something else? >> well both of those lauren have been mentioned by the greeks as red line. they will not entertain any more on reform and not any idea of cutting any further the public pension pot. well the commissioners in here say they have got to do that or come up with other convincing methods and means of job creation and methods of raising the public purse. they obviously haven't done that yet because there is a great deal of skepticism that greece can survive without austerity measures. and this as i say is a crucial problem for the government in grease because it hasn't got time to work these things out. >> okay jonah thank you very much indeed. jonah hull live in brussels this. still to come this hour:
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chile's president tries to salvage her popularity ratings by announcing a new cabinet. details coming up. and why north korea's leader is so happy. plus. >> the end of the spanish football season won't happen unless the two sides of a bitter dispute come together. >> it's two days on this boat just to get there...
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>> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award winning investigative series new episode the death of aging only on al jazeera america together. >> hello again reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. the eu's foreign policy chief has asked the security council to help dismantle smuggling groups from north africa to europe. piegmigrants arriving in indonesia and malaysia in the last half hour. >> downed f-16 unclear whether it was crashed or shot down.
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>> at least 72 fighters have been killed in syria as the army struggles to rescue people trapped in a town. several high ranking officials the rebels assaulting the complex include fighters from the al qaeda-affiliated el nusra front. the capital of iraq's province are is at risk of falling to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. as zeina khodr reports. >> the suffering is only worsening in ramadi, the capital of anbar province, forced from their homes because of the
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fighting between the islamic state of iraq and the levant and government forces. the only shelter they have on the side of this road. >> translator: we don't have anyplace to go. my children are on the streets. what kind of a future do we have? >> it is a divided city. and i.s.i.l. is on the offensive offensive. the local forces say won't be able to survive for very long. >> we are asking for help from the federal government. we don't have defense and ask the u.s. government to step up air strikes. >> much of iraq's largest province is under i.s.i.l.'s control. the armed group was strong in anbar even before it pushed out of central iraq 11 months ago. now government wans to recapture the province before it goes to
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the sprofs against i.s.i.l. >> the fight for ramadi will be much harder than the fight against i.s.i.l anbar is the last defense of mosul. to are defend mosul they have to control anbar. >> many others are not. the tribes did play an important role in fighting al qaeda years ago, but say government leaders never recognized their help and left them with any political power. >> there are fears that the city of ramadi may soon fall to i.s.i.l. officials have down played the significance of the city in the overall fight against the group but many others disagree. i.s.i.l. with it will not only able to control the sunni heart land. victory in a strategically important province that controls
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i.s.i.l. protected territory in syria. for now the government doesn't have a clear strategy to rye purr anbar. that is what iraq needs defeat i.s.i.l, zeina khodr, al jazeera, baghdad. a turkish ship has been attacked off the coast ship came under aerial and artillery fire and whatever, a military spokesman from the tobruk based government turkey says the ship was in international waters. bernard smith has more from istanbul. >> this was a turkish owned vessel. sailing from the cook islands. carrying a cargo of fiber board.
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as the vessel turned to sail away from libya it then also came under attack from the air and the turkish foreign ministry says the third captain of the ship a turkish national was killed in that attack. the background was that back in february there are two governments in libya and back in february the prime minister of the tobruk based government accused the turkish government of supporting the tripoli based government. therefore a decision was taken by this tobruk based government recognized by the u.n. to seclude turkish companies from libyan state contracts. at the time those accusations were made, the turkish based government accused hostile and unfounded comments against the country. today in reaction to this attack against this turkish owned
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vessel strongly condemns this contemptible attack in international waters. >> chile's president michelle bachelet has made 19 changes to her mints ministers after a corruption scandal. daniel schwindler has the report. >> extra are drama to her announcement. five ministers out four changing position he. key interior defense and employment ministry. the president herself said the government needs more transparency. >> she came into office knowing that trust in government ministers was very low but she
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had high personal trust. now her son's scandal will be difficult for her to recover. >> president bachelet gave herself 24 hours to reinstill the trust in the team after she herself became embroiled in the scandal that her son and daughter-in-law were involved in. >> no no no way we have seen it all. the government has to be involved in the scandal. >> chile today is very corrupt. >> there's a whole restaurant in santiago dedicated to mocking chile's politician he. that's perhaps no surprise with the latest opinion pills showing only 3% of the population has faith in political parties and just 29% support the government.
2:38 pm
politics in chile however is a serious business. there have been tense negotiations going on here at the palace and these other government buildings but with faith this this government in particular and plorkz and politics and politicians in general faith in the government may not be enough. >> it's like aspirin, there is not new employment generation and there are many chileans that have aspirations. >> they demand high standards of their politicians and expect results bach batch let is under high level of pressure to deliver.
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daniel schwindler, al jazeera. >> president francois hollande is currently in cuba, the first western european leader to visit since 1976. will help companies doing business there. to meet his cuban counterpart raul castro. let's go to havana and our latin american producer lucia newman. does this mean renewing of political ties with cuba? >> it certainly seems so. as you may resh the freeze was it in place in 2003 after cuba arrested 77 dissidents, to, the united european reaction, there is pressure to let them go especially now since the united states and cuba are able to speak to each other.
2:40 pm
leadership role in this sense he has said in fact he is representing not just france but all of europe. >> what did he have to say? addressing the university of havana what did he have to say there? >> yes he can did it was about an hour long speech. he did not allude to that freeze that coffin flict between the eu and cuba, nor did he speak to the thorny issue of human rights rights, the countries strong and free and both cuba and san francisco wanted to be strong and free. he will be meeting with president raul castro later on in the day perhaps they will speak about that behind closed doors the issue of human rights. he will be meeting briefly with former president fidel castro. for now it's diplomatic praising the opening and what he called
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historic cultural ties between france and cuba. >> lucia presumably the french business people are hoping to get a share of the action as well. absolutely, very much about economics, about placing themselves strategically here before the wave of american business comes in as everyone expects it will, air france is here, the executives from the french hotel chain and also pernod which is handling rum hopefully to export soon as well and french president francois hollande as you expected. >> lucia newman, thank you for your update. two people have been killed in the philippines after typhoon noul hit the philippine coast.
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the category 5 storm has destroyed hundreds of houses. it has now weakened and is moving towards japan. in nepal there's a major attempt to preserve the country's cultural heritage sites that were badly damaged by the earthquake. concern that the ancient tradition could be lost. andrewandrew simmons has visitan ancient tell temple. >> instead of attempting to save lives this painstaking work is about rescuing ancient tradition. temple dates back to the fifth century and with it the country's treasure. along with many other icons there are myths absorbented with it not only that, rumors
2:43 pm
circulating that a priceless jewel encrusted vest is said to be stolen. but some say it will all eventually be recovered. the earthquake struck soon after the start of one of the most important festivities of the kathmandu valley. this chariot left the temple, symbolizing snakes being dragged back to the valley ending a drought. the legend gives all the credit to a rain god. the day deity is in the rain god. building collapsed father and aunt were killed in it. he is unphased. >> you can't call it a bad owe
2:44 pm
men, earthquakes happen in other countries. >> others are not reassured by his words. >> we are accursed. this is a hard time for us. >> it has to be a bad owe men. maybe the gods are angry. this shouldn't have happened. >> lot of people are spooked. a lot of people are very scared. >> reporter: this conservation conservationist believes the traditions need to be restored. >> we need to start rolling again. >> reporter: no sooner has he spoken but the rain comes. it doesn't signal a restart of the festival. no one is sure when that will happen. andrew simmons, al jazeera nepal. >> south korea says it's very concerned about a recent test firing of a missile by north korea. this has been deemed a success. harry fawcett reports from the
2:45 pm
south korean capital seoul. >> the technology is about striking invisibly from under the water. but north korea wanted the press to see this test. the ability to fire a ballistic missile undetected from under the seas. there was a flurry of high level meetings the defense ministry calling the development a very serious and concerning matter. >> translator: we urge north korea to immediately stop developing this technology which hinders the stability of this peninsula and northeast asia. >> in the past, north korea's north korea's small fleet has been used, to attack in 2010, killing 46 south korean sailors. a submarine carrying nuclear weapons would be an entirely
2:46 pm
different matter. nonetheless it is likely to require a rethink of south korea's strategy for defending iflts fromdefendingdefendingitself from a potential north korean nuclear strike. korean air missile defense. >> it's underwater, the system cannot detect that threat. so seeing as the navy will have to you know find the suband kill the subbefore it runs any ballistic missiles. >> seoul insists the strategy is still effective and in concept with its u.s. allies. there are still plenty of unknowns whether north korea has subs of sufficient size and range to be a credible threat, whether it has managed to miniaturize a nuclear weapon a
2:47 pm
submarine. harry fawcett, al jazeera seoul. >> still ahead on al jazeera. defeat of andy murray and rafael nadal. while many feel that promoting music in french has had its day.
2:48 pm
>> all right, time for sport now here's robin. >> climax to sporting league is
2:49 pm
still hanging in the balance of high level talks. as things stand spanish league's premier league will come to a halt next saturday. cub finalists still be played. taking legal action to try ostop the players from striking in support of the cub's national football association. lee wellings is in madrid for us to see how spanish football got itself into such a mess. gls a scenario in spain, what's differently is that their titles may not even finish. spanish turmoil after ordered a suspension of all football from maize 16. >> can it be resolved at this time sir? >> because of a disagreement with the government over running of the game. predictably, the cause of the dispute is money. spanish league has been holding
2:50 pm
their meeting and they're in agreement with the government over how television money should be shared with clubs. on the odor side, the spanish football federation, thought happy at all how they're being disrespected and decisions being made without their being consulted. and importantly they have the backing of the players. if a strike were to go ahead over 60,000 players will be cancelled. la league would be cancelled the league season is due to end on the following saturday. if the dispute isn't resolved by may 30, the spanish couple and the season has to be resolved by june 6th because after that players such as barbs barcelona stars has to be released for play in america.
2:51 pm
>> i received a phone call this morning from the supreme court i was informed that on wednesday at 10:30 in the morning there will be a hearing to judge the legality of the strike. >> what will be affected is the champions league where barcelona and real try to meet this week, many blaming football chief as reason, now football bosses need to consider the damage if it isn't returned on time. lee wellings, al jazeera madrid. >> the champions league is not affected but no doubt the problem is on the barcelona players minds. a lot more to worry about in the short term they have to overcome a 3-nil deficit in front of their home fans if they want to make into it the final.
2:52 pm
former barcelona man who once again dismissed weekend stories. his team still will be going out for the all-attack option against barcelona. >> translator: we are happy to be in the semi final we are 3-nil hadn't and we are playing the best team in the last 15 years in europe but it's just one game. we will try our best. we have to defend well. i know that we have to attack. people say that. but first of all we really have to defend well. and after that, the game will open up itself. >> one game in the ep lmplet epl and the next few minutes two wins from the remaining four games to guarantee third place in the table and an automatic place they would pay off. >> we were not consistent enough
2:53 pm
after eight games we were 11 points behind chelsea. if we win our game in hand we are ten opinions behind chelsea. in the first eight games we lost our championship, that means and that's what we have to redress next season and start strong. >> michael matthews still leads first grand tour victory and stage 3 dedicated the win to dominic suffered a fall 40 kilometers. he is in hospital, breathing unaided after suffering several worrying minutes on the tarmac. clock by six seconds. final tennis warmup event underway before french open. final victories on clay before the second grand slam of then
2:54 pm
some djokovic against nadal over his victory over nadal on sunday. second successively clay court title that drops nadal out of the world's top 5 for the first time in ten years. is down to seventh which is likely to affect his seeding for the upcoming tournament to. >> beat in two sets in their first round match. 2020 olympic host tokyo adding golf and new additions for sporting federations have better than asked to make their conclusion he before june the
2:55 pm
8th. very popular in japan squash, karate spe popular. the final decisions will be made by the ilc in june of next year. that is the conclusion of sport lauren. >> thank you very much. as neave barker reports from paris. many feel this restriction no longer applies. >> one of the popular drive stations in paris the station prides itself in playing music no matter what the language. but the mid 1990s law requires 40% of all radio music to be french, half of which needs to come from new artists. >> the legal quotas are not the
2:56 pm
best way of supporting the french music industry. the law secludes 50% of french music. >> the law came into force at a time when only 1 out of 10 records bought in france was by french artists. now many are turning to the internet where the quotas don't apply. rap group de bangers perform in english. >> as long as the music is good, we don't care if there's quotas or not french or english or whatever the language, you've got to play it so people can discover it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> these performers are hardly representative of france's cultural establishment. but to some, the sheer tact that they perform in french is something of a rare cultural
2:57 pm
commodity, especially to those people who feel that the influence of foreign languages is eroding the country's national identity. but even some supporters of the law describe it as a necessary evil. like composer and french lyric lyricist jean maria moreau. >> i hope these quotas will disappear because everyone realizes it is important to have songs in french and to express french culture. >> the safest way of nurturing national talent but in an increasingly globalized world it's getting harder to drown out foreign sounds. neave barker, al jazeera paris. >> that's it for me lauren tairlttaylor but julie will be here
2:58 pm
with a full bulletin of news, thanks for watching.
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>> there is an urgent need to respond in an immediate and joint way. >> the eu seeks international support for its plan to find and destroy people smugglers both in the mediterranean sea. while in asia hundreds of migrants have been rescued off malaysia and indonesia but hundreds more are feared trapped. hello there i'm julie mcdonald, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. the saudi led coalition steps up strike